A faulty fridge, damaged cabinet and a leaky dishwasher – hold my beer!

The kitchen is the center of activity. It’s where much of the action in a home takes place. Food is prepared and eaten and people congregate there. Ultimately, being the most utilized room in the home also makes it the most vulnerable to mishaps and potential damage. Suddenly you need to slam the cabinets to keep them shut, the freezer isn’t keeping stuff frozen, and there’s constantly water emerging from underneath the dishwasher whenever it’s running… you’re not necessarily a handyman yourself, but should you do it yourself or hire a contractor?

fridge repair - Common Collapses: Easy Kitchen Repairs

More than any other appliance, if the refrigerator breaks down the effect is profound. Food goes bad, ice melts the unit leaks… it’s absolutely best to leave the fridge to the hands of pros. For reasonably minor issues, however, you may want to take some action – at least, it couldn’t hurt. For instance, if the fridge is simply too warm, or if the ice cream in the freezer isn’t solid enough, check the thermostat. You never know – a simple turn of the dial could be all that’s needed. Be mindful, however, that most fridge temp controls need a day to adjust fully, so be patient and don’t mess with the dial. If it’s still not cold enough after 24 hours, consider clearing the air vent. If you notice an unusually loud noise occurring, the condenser fan may need replacing (a relatively easy fix). Then, it’s time to bring in a professional.

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Also in the semi-often need-of-repair category are kitchen cabinets. They can be the center of attention when you walk into a kitchen. That’s why it is important to properly maintain your cabinets. Sure, they’re supposed to look good and uniform with the rest of the kitchen, but it doesn’t take much to mess with the program. Anything that may break (whether it is a hinge, latch or bumpers) can become all-too-obvious and adversely affect the elegance of the space. Luckily, the little things don’t take much to correct. In some cases a bent hinge merely requires a bit of hammering. If that doesn’t quite do the job to visual satisfaction, the actual part is quite easy to replace, really. You likely have a screwdriver, simply remove the hinges plate and take it with you to the hardware store, so you may find the exact replacement. Hardware stores are known for good customer service, ask for help and you’ll probably be in and out quickly.

Cabinet Door Bumpers - Common Collapses: Easy Kitchen Repairs

If your cabinet is suddenly louder than usual upon closing, the problem is likely as simple as a damaged bumper. A bumper is the little round rubber stopper that protects the wood from the damage of slamming hard by cushioning its closure. They’re easy to replace. Widely available at hardware stores, they are self-adhesive, making them easy for anyone to install.

dishwasher - Common Collapses: Easy Kitchen Repairs

It’s definitely not a fun ride when the dishwasher is down. It’s almost funny, many of us are content to simply let the dishes pile up in the sink rather than wash them. But you never know, the fix could be an easy one. If the dishwasher is leaking, for instance, it could just be a hose that isn’t tightly sealed. Check them all and see if you can find the source of the leak.

Another common reason a dishwasher will leak is a malfunctioning gasket, which you’ll easily find in the vicinity of the dishwasher door (see your manual). It may be broken or cracked, in such case you just need to replace it. By doing so, you ensure a solid seal around the door and the leakage is no more.

When it comes to minor issues like a chipped cabinet, a malfunctioning fridge or a leaky dishwasher, there’s no reason to be anxious or discouraged. Just start slowly. Take on a few small diy projects here and there and you’ll be fluent in no time. Follow some of the steps listed here for a potentially easy resolution. If the issues prove to be beyond your capability, don’t sweat it – simply contact a professional in your area. However, if you could do this, you can do anything! Take a look at a few other automotive maintenance tasks  you can take control of around the house.