Someone’s got to do it

You may not have even considered cleaning your washing machine, so you probably won’t be too excited to hear that it needs to be done. Just like many places in your home, a washing machine collects a lot of dust, grime and debris that is invisible to most people if you don’t look closely. In order to ensure that your clothes continue to emerge clean and fresh-smelling a regular cleaning is necessary. By doing so, you will also improve the machine’s efficiency as well as remove any potential mold, mildew and grime from within!

washing machine - Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Like any other cleaning process it’s good to do it regularly, on a schedule. For cleaning the washing machine, bi-annually – every six months – is recommended. By then, the liquid soap has built up and the cleaning will prevent the softener dispenser from clogging.

water washing machine - Cleaning Your Washing Machine

First, soak the softener dispenser in warm water, removing any soap scum. While the machine is empty, put it through a full cycle at hot temperature. Add a cup of vinegar to the water as it fills. This should also get rid of any hard water stains that may have built up since the last time you’ve cleaned your washing machine. As it is flowing up, dip a clean towel into the water/vinegar mix and use it to wipe down the lid (get underneath, too). Continue on to the top of the washer, the outside body, the machine’s rim, the top of the spinner and all other odd spaces you can find dust and dirt built up.


toothbrush washing machine - Cleaning Your Washing Machine

After the cycle, clean and rinse the softener disposal. If some places are unaffected because they’re particularly tough or unreachable, use a toothbrush to scrub them out, it usually gets the job done adequately. If, even after completing the process, the buildup has not diminished sufficiently, simply brush the existing soap buildup away, and repeat the process. By a second time’s completion, you should have a washing machine that is spotless! Next up: if you haven’t done so recently, be sure to give your walls a good cleaning.