Enhance your storage capability with this classic ‘go-to’

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So, you don’t even consider pegboard when you think about designing your home. What’s that – it belongs solely in the garage where the others in your home can hang their tools and sports gear? Sure, that’s an age-old convenience, certainly one that shouldn’t be overlooked entirely for interior use. But beyond that, the use of pegboard is a recognized do it yourself problem solver – take a look at all of the room organization ideas and storage capability solutions there are, ready to be taken advantage of…

In the Office

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Paint your pegboard white and it becomes an excellent matching office wall accessory. It’s perfect to inspire ideas to compliment desk organization. Fill it up with all sorts of items, photographs and other personal pieces – anything from laminates to jewelry – and give yourself a comforting visual to gaze away at. Of course, use it practically as well, and post reminders, cards and any sort of essential that you could use to have visible and within arm’s reach. The purpose of the pegboard in this case extends to keeping your desk clear too. The hooks and pegs available come in an awesome variety of configurations and can serve all related needs.

For the Family

You’ll give yourself a substantially greater number of options by using a pegboard by the front door (or in the mudroom) than using a standard wall mounted coat rack. With hooks that could be put in any place that is convenient for every family member no matter how height challenged, you can avoid the bulge of coats competing for the same single hooks as well as have a place for purses, backpacks, etc… divide the space to indicate specific functions and create a great shoe rack as well.
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Playroom Organization

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Pegboard may even be helpful in the kid’s playroom, assuming they’re not the curious age where they might try to swallow the pegs. When cleanup after playtime comes, demonstrate how fun it can be to hang the toys on the wall instead of leaving them to lie on the floor. With all of the action figures and toys, kids can even get artistic when positioning the Hello Kitty that can swing by its tag. In fact you could call hanging stuffed animals “relief” storage! Up from the floor and out of mind. Peg boards can serve as the ultimate stuffed animal or Nerf gun organizers. Add color, make the boards as bright and bold as your kids would most enjoy.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Naturally what could be more perfect for the kitchen? No matter where you install it – as a backsplash, on a strip of blank wall, or on the inside of the pantry door, the peg board is sure to become a most appreciated storage solution. Think about it – you can hang nearly anything that typically takes up valuable shelf space. Coffee mugs, pots and pans, accessories like graters and chopping boards may all be neatly stored. Get creative with the pegs you purchase and you’ll also accommodate a host of random wares like paper towels and bags filled with produce, etc..

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Wherever/However Needed

You may even cut the pegboard down to fit in specific areas where it will serve specific purposes. Maybe you need the right place for your dust buster, or a small dedicated spot for everyone to hang their keys, or perhaps you need an area that you can hang your video game accessories. There are so many things we could use pegboards for, though sometimes the ideas don’t always hit us right away.

On a Larger Scale

Use extra-large peg boards where the pegs are as thick a broom handles. This will allow you to create shelves easily. It also allows you to hang large pieces of property, like bicycles and sleds! In the mud room or a utility room or hallway, a larger than average pegboard can also play host to any number of hanging plants. This type of pegboard will have to be custom made and is the perfect project for your average enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. Larger pegs are also a bold statement of style,

The sky’s the limit when it comes to storage solutions that require peg boards. What innovative use can you think of to put them to?