3 New Tips to Prepare for Your DIY TV Wall Mount

Most marketing for DIY tv wall mount options make it appear as though it’s the easiest thing in the world that you can rush into after a quick purchase at your local electronics store. While it’s not outside of the question that your wall mount could be a cinch to install, as we’ve talked about previously, there are some critical considerations before even picking out the right solution for your home and television set.

This time around, we’ve added some extra tips to prepare for your install so that it goes off without a hitch. Check them out below.

diy tv wall mount broken tv fireplace see it do it - More Tips Before Starting Your Own DIY TV Wall Mount

Don’t let this happen to you!


Look Before You Leap When Thinking of Mounting Above a Fireplace

You may think that a spot above your fireplace would be the perfect location for your beautiful new flat screen television, but there are some important tips to avoid a viewing disaster or, well, just plain old disaster:

  • Have you considered how you’re going to get power and signal to the TV? Cables generally have to go somewhere, and not everything is wireless enabled.
  • In your particular situation, have you thought about whether you’re going to have to mount to brick or stone?
  • You may think that a downward viewing angle from the set will end up feeling just like the movies, but not have considered that in a theatre the seats themselves are angled back at the screen appropriately. You could be walking into some serious neck pain if you don’t plan accordingly.
  • Another concern is the axis of viewing for an LCD screen. If you place your screen significantly higher than a straight or level view, your LCD screen may wind up extremely unclear to view.

Have the Right Tools On Hand

Ensure that you have all of the necessary tools to get the job done. At the very least, you’re going to want a reliable drill along with a bit that matches up with the mount screws for the unit you’ll be installing. You will want a stud finder as well so that you can be sure that where you’ve chosen to install your TV can hold the television without risking disaster. Don’t have a stud finder? Check out our article on locating wall studs without a stud finder.

Note that many hardware stores will rent you equipment these days, if you want to avoid the cost of purchasing items.

Port Accessibility

It should go without saying, but each TV is going to have varied port placement; they could be anywhere along its bottom, sides, or back. Investigate your TV or prospective one for their location. In the event that the ports are situated on the back of the unit, you want to be sure that the wall mount you are picking up can “telescope” forward in order to provide them with comfortable clearance. Otherwise, you may be in for a rude awakening about how to get some things plugged in. Needing to unmount the TV just to get a new peripheral attached would be a real pain.

You’re All Set for Your TV Set

Prepared to get going? Head over to our 2-part DIY TV wall mount article series and pick up tips on the actual install process. See you next time!