You don’t have to be stuck with an ugly design you didn’t choose!

So, you inherited an ugly floor. You’ve moved into a rental and by your estimation, the floor is at least twenty, thirty years old. The pattern and colors are so odd, you’re not even sure they were cool in the sixties. You’ve got some ideas for covering it all, you can even borrow that old rug of mom’s that smells like cats, lots of cats. Maybe you should pass on that one. The main drawback is that you can’t tear out the offending groundwork as you’re only renting the space. Don’t worry you don’t have to be stuck with it, in fact, there are a number of DIY ideas to help you improve the space. In fact, you can have what is essentially brand-new flooring affordably and rapidly, all to contribute to a better interior design.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles

You may have heard of peel and stick vinyl tiles. Once frowned upon, the technology has developed so well that they are now a universally accepted and often beloved option. They are able to produce patterns on vinyl that are able to mimic the authenticity of real petrified wood, handcrafted ceramic, and other popular looks. The peel and stick innovation has truly arrived.
For optimal effect, apply the vinyl tiles to ‘no wax’ floors that feature clean and level surfaces. Just peel and stick and instantly transform your floor to one that you find much more desirable. They can even endure the highest activity of traffic that a busy home could accommodate. What’s particularly awesome is that you can remove them at any time without any damage to the existing floor. Originally a staple of commercial retail space, vinyl tiles do need to be changed often. It’s the tough and durable vinyl used that is further protected with a laminated coating that makes the tiles so reliable and efficient. Spill something, no problem, they are water resistant.2 - Foolish to Fantastic: Four Ways to Update that Formerly Hip Floor

Luxury Vinyl

So, there’s no possible way of having that marble floor you’ve always dreamt of. Or is there? There is a high-end luxury ‘peel and stick’ option available. It may be seriously fancy but you don’t need the bankroll of the rich and famous to afford it. These tiles mimic the appearance of all of the popular natural materials. There’s granite and sandstone that looks so real but costs so much less than the real thing. Adding to the realism, you may even have them grouted for that grand tiled stone floor look that is so desired. However, if you know you’ll be removing the tiles at some point it wouldn’t be in your best interest to grout them. It’s a great modification that keeps water out but it also locks the tiles to the floor – permanently.3 1024x768 - Foolish to Fantastic: Four Ways to Update that Formerly Hip Floor

Just Lay it Down

You don’t have to go the route of the semi-permanent vinyl tiles, you can opt for a vinyl floor cloth that just lays on top of your floor. Have it cut to the layouts exact specs. It’s a non-slip covering that is extremely durable and can be wiped clean with ease. You can find the perfect complementary theme, there’s an array of bold and vintage designs to choose from, many of them made to resemble tiles that would otherwise be on the pricey side.4 - Foolish to Fantastic: Four Ways to Update that Formerly Hip Floor

Interlocking, Cushy & Fun!

So, what if you have children, can that be a factor on what type of easy flooring you install? Of course, it can. In fact, you can choose to be fun and colorful and you probably won’t find a floor that is as comfortable one with interlocking foam floor tiles. Do a web search – you’ll be impressed by the array of patterns, colors styles, etc… to choose from. You might even pick a faux wood design or one that features spaced-out geometric designs, there is a style for nearly every taste.

And if you’re working with a cold floor, these panels are particularly welcome. Foam tiles warm the surface! In fact, if you have a neighbor’s apartment beneath your own, they will absolutely love you for the foam’s soundproofing quality. It mutes otherwise loud footsteps and activity. They’re fun and colorful; they look like giant puzzle pieces. Typically, they measure two feet square. Their width is a half inch thick – comfy! The interlocking design makes them enjoyable and easy to install. In fact, you can have the floor covered in minutes! Of course, the foam is non-toxic, waterproof and fire retardant5 - Foolish to Fantastic: Four Ways to Update that Formerly Hip Floor.