How to bring new life to your kitchen or bathroom

You’ve tastefully worked an island into your kitchen’s design. It’s working out well and the additional counter space serves to make tasks flow much easier. You notice a hole in the far corner surface of the island – what’s that for? It’s not a flaw, it most definitely serves a purpose. There are plastic parts designed to fit snugly around the inside diameter of the opening. These are called “grommets” and they are crucial for a wide range of uses. Depending on the grommets design, the function can vary. From an integrated penholder to an integral part of your computer system, a grommeted space is an important design feature of your countertop.grommet - Power to the Counter

The practicality of the grommeted space is obvious once you put it to use. For instance, if you have a computer monitor set up on the island (permanently or semi regularly) the opening is there to run your wires through, staying organized as they fall down to the computer case. Or, if you want to use appliances on the island – anything from a blender to a TV – you may want to convert the opening into a pop up electrical outlet. More on that in a second…labels - Power to the Counter

So you’ve got your cables, and they’re a jumbled mess. First you need to confirm that you have the RIGHT cable per application. LABEL them. You don’t want to have to waste time fumbling through the collective group searching for the right one. You may decide to separate certain cables and keep others together, and there’s not a better way to ensure organization than a Velcro equipped flexible tube. Simply wrap it over the assemblage and zip it up. Whereas it was once a nightmare getting a group of wires to bend around a corner without putting them ‘out of whack’ a flexible tube wire manager makes such inconveniences a thing of the past. Creating a pathway is easier than ever. Alternatively you may label your cables with some simple Post-it notes. Thanks to the grommet on your countertop surface you can have your home office in the kitchen without the mess of wires that would otherwise disrupt the kitchens flow.

On the other hand, you may have installed your island to solely serve the purposes of the kitchen. The counter space against the walls is typically used for food prep. You can use the extra space for accessories. Perhaps you need a blender and electric grill for a new recipe, or you want to watch your cooking show with an open space to work along with it, and you need an egg beater whose extension cord isn’t pulled to the limit (creating a safety hazard). Once again, look only as far as your islands’ circular grommeted hole…special outlet - Power to the Counter

New pop up kitchen power outlets are specially designed to be concealed within your kitchen (often on a kitchen island) until needed. With grommets already built into the design the outlet fits snugly into the circular hole. Nothing else is needed. It features a water resistant seal so no liquid can penetrate the outlets. These devices not only provide a whole new world of convenience but they can serve as permanent power fixtures – and there’s always room for an additional one of those.outlet - Power to the Counter

Pop-up kitchen power outlets feature other advantages, as well. For instance, since the popularity of kitchen remodels are at an all-time high, you could have some ambitious ideas for a new design. But what happens when you get a contractor in there and he tells you that your existing electric set-up isn’t going to cut it? Perhaps there are code requirements that need to be met, or the number of outlets is currently too few? The easy answer is the addition of external power sources in the form of pop up kitchen outlets!

Meanwhile, your bathroom countertop may also have a circular grommeted space option. If it doesn’t, you may actually want to put one in. New specialty grommets are causing people to ask, “why didn’t I think of that?!” Now you can have uniquely designed grommets in your countertop that are specifically designed to hold either a curling iron or hair dryer. There’s even one for scissors. Now, any budding hairstylist can transform their bathroom into a home work station!

It’s never been easier to accommodate so much through your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Make the most of them, find the grommet that serves the purpose that is best suited to your needs.