Computers bring kitchens into the digital age

It would make perfect sense to say the kitchen is the social networking hub of the home. We assemble, dine, and watch TV there. Before everyone had smart phones, we even looked up at and spoke with each other. It’s not unreasonable that some families have instituted a no cellphone rule at the dinner table, but what of other times?

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Would it be a good idea to install a computer in the kitchen?

Frankly, it’s a smart idea and its time has come. Merging technology with the kitchen is not new and innovations are inevitable. Of immediate value is the fact that cooking tips and recipes are instantly accessible, at any moment you need them. And it’s easier to maintain your digital shopping list. Heck, maybe you just want to be able to watch YouTube while you go about your business.

Interestingly, until this point, the average homeowner hasn’t given a lot of thought to the idea of computer/kitchen integration. The majority of kitchens have yet to be designed and built with the addition of computers in mind. So what’s to be  done? How can you get a head start on this burgeoning revolution? It’s a matter of imagination, intuition, and just a bit of technical know-how.

If one end of your counter has a bar-like setup where you can pull a stool up and rest your elbows, you’re in luck. This type of design will perfectly accommodate a laptop. Some cabinetry features a concealed heavy duty cutting board that pulls out – this is another place upon which a laptop may rest. Perhaps your cabinet and counter arrangement features a small desk – that’s another perfect spot. A coffee nook, meanwhile, can be turned into the ideal computer station! Just about any clear area on the counter will work – especially if it allows for a bit of mobility. You may even consider setting up a monitor upon a shelf. It can be concealed if placed behind a cabinet door. You want your kitchen computer to be situated in the most convenient and visible place possible. Naturally, finding the perfect spot to wall-mount it is important.

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If using a lightweight device like a tablet or smartphone all you need is Velcro to safely mount it. Of course, you’ll want the industrial strength brand! Next, get a cheap case that encloses the device firmly. Apply the tape to the rear surface and to its adhesive counterpart on the wall and you now have a wall-mounted computer in your kitchen!

When living in cramped quarters such as a one bedroom apartment making the most of space is difficult yet necessary. Setting up a small office actually makes good sense and it frees up the other rooms to serve their respective purposes. Limited space also forces you to be resourceful, that’s how this next idea was no doubt devised: Mount the bottom of a laptop to the underside of a cabinet. Open the screen and adjust the orientation by 180 degrees, correcting the visuals so they are right side up. Set up a keyboard and mouse on the counter and you’ve got yourself a cool computer-equipped kitchen work station!laptop fire - The Ultra-Modern Kitchen

You’re likely starting to think practical – the kitchen gets hot and steamy, there are liquids and grease and other forms of matter that a computer needs to avoid, what’s to be done to protect it?

Excellent questions, all. First, be certain to install your kitchen computer away from where it could be affected by potential spills and other kitchen related dangers. Keep it away from all heat sources, as well. The screen could melt if it is placed just a little too close to a stove or oven! And remember, you need it to be affixed near a power source. You’ll learn for yourself that kitchen counters are higher than your average desk or table. You’ll need a stool or raised chair to enjoy the area comfortably or you can mount the computer for use as a standing station.

Without doubt, a computer is a useful accessory and there is a solution for efficiently working one into any kitchen design. As you can see, all you need is the ambition. You can install one with limited skill. Decide the functions you want it to serve and work from there. If you’re still having great difficulty with this, have a look at our tips on making your diy remodeling projects to life.