A variety of tasteful ways to incorporate a TV in the kitchen.

In these days of flat screens, putting a TV in the kitchen has never been easier. Those of us older folk remember those bulky TV sets that were super heavy. We considered ourselves lucky if we didn’t hurt our backs moving them. Watching TV in the kitchen meant lugging a smaller yet cumbersome model into the room and easing it onto the counter as gently as possible. That was nearly the full extent of our options.crap tv 1024x755 - Watch While You Eat

Today it’s much different. There are plenty of different makes of HDTV’s that have come out over the past few years. These TV’s were built to be light(er)weight and more amenable. It’s simple really, read our DIY TV Wall Mount on how to install a TV in the kitchen here. It blends right in.

You may even hide the TV in a niche. By setting it up with a shallow enclosure and proportional borders you tie it in quite nicely with the surrounding cabinetry. Experiment with different color ideas within the niche for a supremely unique presentation.

You might try to utilize a cabinet. You’ll likely have to adjust or remove a shelf, but you could pop a TV in there for easy viewing. If it’s a nice symmetrical fit, you may even consider removing the cabinet door and its corresponding latches making it appear as though the space was made for the TV. Of course, you may utilize an open shelf in this manner as well.

If those ideas are too much work why not just put it on top of the fridge? It’s a little less conspicuous though a little higher up than is necessarily ideal for viewing, but it’s a fun and easy solution. Plus, with eyes on the fridge all the time, you’ll be more inclined to be true to your diet! You may apply the same strategy by adding it on top of the pantry, where you may even have it enclosed behind pocket doors. Go in, grab a snack and turn on the tube!

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Do you have a message center in the kitchen? One that accommodates a phone, address books and other related items and/or electronics? Add the TV there. It’s an obvious choice. You can have your TV, charger and home phone all in one spot.

Of course you can follow the professional example of bars and restaurants by using a wall mounted pivoting arm. Install onto an open wall and simply swing and adjust it to be set at just the right spot for viewing. When not in use, it looks best if the TV may be pushed in and set stationary, flush against the wall. Just be sure you have enough room for all the components that are essential to a TV before starting your install.

Of course, there are much easier solutions as well. With smaller TV’s you can just place them anywhere on the counters or tuck them inconspicuously into a corner. When it’s among other countertop regulars as mixers, toasters and blenders it can be nearly unnoticeable. Since a corner is typically dead space anyway, you’re looking at an ideal option. Ideally, you’d place it where it’s convenient! Wherever there’s a power outlet on or near your countertop would probably be the perfect location for a small TV.

Of course, the flip-down design TV’s are really cool, and convenient. They can be tucked behind a light valance or mixed in with other appliances. The airplane-style flip-down makes the TV accessible when needed and out of sight when not.

Is your family room visible from the kitchen? If there is a wall in the family room that can be seen from the dinner

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table, you may just have discovered your perfect option. Let that be the source of your viewing pleasure while you do what you do in the kitchen. Save room there and money on an additional flat screen by using one TV for both rooms!

Lastly – of our ideas anyway – if you have a kitchen island, it’s reasonably easy to incorporate a TV within. Obviously, you can just plop it on top, no problem, or you may look into cleverly implementing it into one of the islands sides.

The slim width and light weight of modern TVs make them so easy to work with you may come up with completely original ideas of your own for incorporating a TV into your kitchen. Let us know! In the meanwhile, here are a few tips on how to bring your kitchen remodel to life.