It’s the bathroom clash of the century – boring VS dazzling!

In this corner, we have dull old grout, the kind that separates plain white tile and isn’t worth a second look. Sure it’s been a standard for years, but the times have changed. People like to get in the ring and mix things up. That’s why the contender is one of innovation. Wherever there’s an opportunity to create something that is exciting visually, it’s one that should be seized. In other words, if you see an opening, you gotta exploit it and get dullness on the ropes! Do it yourself, you have the eye of the tiger!

Add Color

Start bringing the best out in your bathroom by adding color to the grout lines. Sure, ceramic tile is great – its durable and iyt can withstand dirt and moisture effectively. But it doesn’t add anything, and it doesn’t contribute to a better design. However, if you were to fully paint all of the grout lines you could be on the verge of winning round one. It’s a wonderfully decorative idea that is universally affordable. It’s perfect to liven up any backsplash or tiled floor with the contrast of your choice. Be sure to use the appropriate high quality hand tools and take the time to pick a nice color for your remodeling.2 1 - Heavyweight Grout: Fight for the Tile

Add Sparkle

You can even make your grout eye popping and spectacular. Like the “bling” on a Title Belt, this look is money! In fact it literally sparkles, complements of Glamour Grout, a new product that contains glitter! You can find it in twelve different color shades and three glitter finishes. Imagine the possibilities – like a sharp blue base surrounded by a shimmery golden grout outline. Of course you don’t need to buy the pre-made variety; you might just simply sprinkle your favorite glitter in as you set the tiles in the regular application of grout.
3 2 - Heavyweight Grout: Fight for the Tile


Naturally, painting your grout requires a little know-how, and a bit of skill helps, too. The job is made a little easier with products like Grout Shield. It serves a dual function, by adding color while also protecting the grout from cheap shots, making it stain and mold resistant. A single bottle (8 oz) can cover well over two hundred square feet and it only costs twenty bucks! It’s even further advantageous in that the sealer may be customized. You can actually match the color of it to that of nearly any paint. We highly recommend that for your next DIY project, to just finish strong and seal that grout.


Some designers look internationally for new style innovations. In Scandinavia, for instance, there is a certain look that has caught on in many of the more stylish homes. There, the trend is to use square builder grade tile, and not just in bathrooms and kitchens. For instance, they might decorate a hallway in pale red shiny tile, but outline it with a deep red colored grout. The result is magnificent, perfect for the champ to be led through on his way to the ring. Plus, it’s a breeze to wipe down and keep clean.

4 1 1024x768 - Heavyweight Grout: Fight for the Tile

An Old Champ

Back in the states meanwhile, white subway tile is a beloved champion. How can you perk it up? You don’t need to go back to training, just use what you’ve learned so far. Does the room have a greater feminine influence? Then paint the grout pink with a hint of glitter. Anything goes – use your imagination. And that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to go with some wild shade, choose a nice neutral color to establish a subtle elegance.


You can even use regular old house paint that’s been lying around. You don’t even need a fine brush. Just apply a thin coat to the grout and keep a rag handy to wipe away any drops that stray from the target. Meanwhile the house paint will soak into the grot and be just as effective as its specially engineered counterparts.

Knock ‘em Out

You can create a genuinely fresh look in any space where you have added color to the existing grout. You can be clean and stylish or go all out and be electrifying. Find a harmonious combination that sets the backdrop for a tastefully planned color scheme. You will surely impress all of your guests. From subdued elegance to bold brightness, you decide! And the winner is…

5 1 - Heavyweight Grout: Fight for the Tile