Maintain value and efficiency by scheduling chores per week, month

The New Year has just passed, and in a flurry of energy and an unexpected burst of inspiration you performed a long overdue housecleaning. But you realize that the job would be a whole lot easier if there were LESS to do! And there can be, by implementing the age old concept of completing it a little at a time. Each week, every month there are tasks to perform that will contribute to an extremely well-maintained house. It’s not an easy job, especially when you have no assistance! We understand this, but, you paid a hefty price building up your home and everything in it.  Take the kitchen for example, you want to be sure that you maintain and clean your kitchen cabinets periodically. It’s all to protect your investments.

First of all, weekly cleaning should be considered a must. Waiting until toxic fungus grows from the dirt should be your LAST option. Vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning the windows and bathrooms, all should be maintained each week. Hopefully you’ve had luck delegating tasks to roommates or family to help get things done quickly and easily.

drain - A Year of HousecleaningOne such task, for instance, should be done each month – the cleaning of the kitchen sink disposal unit. How the heck do you get in there and do an effective job? Fill an ice tray with vinegar and let it freeze. Take your vinegar ice cubes and run them through the disposal. It freshens and sharpens the blades. Also, seek out hidden dust and see about organizing and cleaning out that overstuffed pantry. After sweeping the kitchen and bathroom, it’s now time for a monthly wet mopping. If the house is particularly dirty you may want to do this more frequently, like every other week.

cleaning refrigerator - A Year of Housecleaning

Every two months or so remind yourself to clean the fridge. It takes a beating. It suffers spills, odors and overcrowding. It doesn’t get a rest, the poor thing. Naturally you’ll want to attend to the freezer, as well. Maintain the tidiness of this dynamo and enjoy fresh food – and fresh smells – courtesy of your kitchen friendly home refrigerator.

Gutter Cleaning 1024x680 - A Year of Housecleaning

Meanwhile, you should set a date each spring where you clean your roof and your gutters. Depending on how badly the fall and winter had pummeled your home, you’ll find yourself dealing with leaves, twigs, grime and sediment. It’s also a good time to replace your window screens, especially if they have holes. You don’t want to invite bugs in, do you?

The beginning of summer is a good time to check for, and remove, any gunk that may have formed in the bathroom. By doing so you give your tiles a new lease on life and the space will look a whole heck of a lot better.


Garage Cleaning - A Year of HousecleaningOf course, cleaning the garage every summer has practically become a ritual for American homeowners. Typically it is neglected and does not receive regular care, so it’s good to get in there annually and go to town. Clear-out the cobwebs, sweep out all the dust, organize everything, toss out what’s no longer needed… around this time you may also consider cleaning the back patio (or deck) if you have one. Generally, all it takes is a good washing. Still, you should check for any loose boards and repair as necessary.

Now, just before winter, fall is the time to get the chimney cleaned. Hopefully that won’t provide the answer to the mysterious disappearance of Santa Claus. You don’t want to be caught with a clogged chimney on the first extremely cold day of the year!

clean basement - A Year of Housecleaning

The beginning of winter warrants a bit of attention as well. Inspect and deep clean the basement. Inexplicably, this space is too often overlooked, now is the time to get down there. Do all of your dusting and tidying up, clean the windows and check for mold.

It’s a year-long process, keeping your house clean properly. These are just a few of the more important chores to maintain. Spaced out over the year, they’re not too overwhelming, but a well-planned schedule is a consistent one. Get into the groove and you’re golden. Be lazy and you’re on the road to creating an unhealthy, unsafe and unappealing home. You will also be adversely affecting the resale value. Now that the interior of your house is in ship shape, it’s time to look outward and maintain your lawn and your garden.