Tips for keeping a bug-free home

The duration of summer is an open invitation for insects to thrive in the increased heat and annual humidity. It’s no fun being among those who attract mosquitoes and suffer bites. We all want to enjoy the weather in related seasonal attire and participate in outdoor activities. In other words, we want to wear shorts and have fun! It’s not an understatement to say there are occasions when insects ruin what is an otherwise great time.

There’s just no way to control the environment wherever you go. You can be certain to prepare yourself with whatever you have found to be effective against bites, whether it be bug spray or long pants.

You do have complete control over the environment around your home, however. Let’s take on these pests one by one and see what’s to be done to deter them from bugging us…


Yes, ant spray does the trick, but can you handle that toxic stench? How about a natural approach that is just as effective? Sprinkle boric acid or boric powder around the entrances to your home and along any potential ant trails you can identify. Of course, you will need to keep your kids and pets away from the treated areas. Inside, mix the boric acid with an equal part flour, cornmeal or sugar. The unsuspecting ants will carry their bounty back to their nest where they will feast – and die.infesta nts - Keep the Pests at Bay


There’s not a bigger pain than having to chase down a fly in your home. Or when you’re eating outside and they invite themselves to dine with you. They prosper in the hot summer. They lay their eggs in soil, lawn shavings, sewage, garbage, animal waste and rotting food. What is insanely gross to us is perfectly normal for them. Simple acts will help reduce their presence. Keep your yard free of litter at all times and always shut your door promptly to minimize their presence.


Standing water is the threat, and you need to eliminate sources of it around your home. They’re the areas where mosquitoes breed, such as in puddles, gutters, bottles, cans, kiddie pools and bird baths. They only need a half inch of water to do their business, so rid the problem areas of it and toss any loose cans and bottles. Also, try to maintain short grass and keep the weeds pulled. Of course you should keep your window screens kept firmly secured as well.stagnated plant pots - Keep the Pests at Bay


wasps - Keep the Pests at Bay They love to hop on your beverage, don’t they? They’ll hang around food and drinks and trash cans. They build nests, usually around buildings, under overhangs, in bushes or worse in the attic of your home! You don’t want to tangle with these guys. Don’t attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself. There is an advantage to using a commercial wasp killer that you spray directly into the nest at night when they’re sleeping, but to be completely safe hire a pro. If you’re dead set on doing it yourself be sure to take a look at this article.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a flea collar for your pets. Once they get on Fluffy they get into your home and ultimately find their way to you. Check your pets often for these tiny bloodsuckers. Bathe and comb their fur regularly and wash their bedding often, too. Take an extra step and vacuum carpets thoroughly at least once a week. There’s no question, if they’re really out of control you must call an exterminator.


Enemies of book collectors everywhere, these guys are gross and an offense to the sensibilities of those cultured folk who like to save newspapers and magazines. But silverfish are equally content to get into your dry cereal so that they may traumatize you forever upon encountering them over a bowl with milk. They get into starched clothing, too. Your best bet is to minimize the amount of paper you have around, protect your literary collectibles in sealed poly bags, properly store your clothing and keep cereal packages tightly closed.silverfish - Keep the Pests at Bay


It’s a basic rule – you need to keep your home clean if you don’t want to see cockroaches. You could live in an area full of them, there’s nothing you can do, but if you give them absolutely zero incentive to want to enter your home the better off you’ll be. The problem is, they’ll eat anything, crumbs, paper, glue, pet food… just ensure that none of it is lying around on dirty floors. Sweep and mop regularly. As an extra measure of protection, apply duct tape to seal openings in the wall and around water pipes.

Remember the fight against pests is up to you. What extent are you going to allow them to penetrate your life? The random ant may not bug you, but if you find yourself bitten and you spot some threatening insects in your home, you need to take strong action.

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