Tips for achieving the serenity that SHOULD be associated with home

There’s nothing worse than being unable to relax at home. Not much can be done with circumstances that are beyond your control – the neighbor’s loud music, dogs or kids – but if the trouble is in fact mostly internal, there are a few ideas you may implement to bring you some calm.

1. De-Clutter

Messes are distracting. Clear all surfaces as often as possible. Every time you spy a stack of papers, a tangled mess of jewelry, or an over-filled laundry basket, it potentially unsettles the spirit. A mind troubled by thoughts of tasks yet unfinished is not free. Be preventative, keep it all well maintained and clear. Going through your closets and drawers and limiting your belongings to only that you truly cherish or need will give you a great sense of relief satisfaction. Soon, you’ll benefit from the order of downsizing by losing things less often and staying focused longer. By limiting your exposure to messes and seeing only clear neat surfaces in your home, your sense of inner calm may deepen.clothes - 9 Paths for Creating Peace at Home

2. The Five Elements

Naturally, your immediate environment will affect your outlook. If you surround yourself with death imagery, you’ll likely be depressed. But if you embrace the life, you’re on the right track. You can represent the five elements of nature in a variety of ways. Water may be present as an image such as a painting, an actual fountain, or flowers in a vase of water. In fact, plants may also represent Earth, as will stones. Obviously the flames of a candle or the fireplace (and the odor of incense) symbolize fire. Metal comes in the form of hardware and tools and lastly wood is likely available in an abundance of furniture. Incorporate at least one example of each element in your living space.motivational 1024x829 - 9 Paths for Creating Peace at Home

3. Professional Help

There is absolutely no shame in pursuing the help of a professional, someone who gets paid to decorate and organize, that is. They can aid you in cutting through the clutter, identifying your personal style and getting your home feeling exactly as you want it to. On the other hand, if much of your unrest is internal and has caused you to feel stressed or distressed, it certainly doesn’t hurt to consult with someone in the field of mental health. Never feel guilty about helping yourself.

4. Soft Light

It’s difficult for most to be able to relax in a harshly lit environment. Combat it by using natural light as much as possible. You may even consider lighting candles as the day gives way to night in an effort to bypass the overhead lights typically activated at that time. Also, when possible, switch out your standard light switches for dimmers. Having that kind of control over the lighting mood goes a long way to making you comfortable.calminglight - 9 Paths for Creating Peace at Home

5. Pleasant Aroma

diffuser 300x300 - 9 Paths for Creating Peace at Home Odors in the air can have a profound effect on how you’re feeling. Sometimes you’ll catch a whiff that takes you right back to being a kid at grandma’s on Thanksgiving. Or a perfumed scent of a former lover. Sometimes a tiny shop can smell so great it serves to inspire you. Have you experienced aromatherapy oils? It’s been proven what you smell has an effect on how you feel. It’s a no-brainer. Create a calming fragrant atmosphere that purifies the air. Choose such natural scents as those from beeswax candles, essential oils, natural cleansers or fresh flowers.

6. Select Décor Wisely

Don’t go nuts at the dollar store because they have an abundance of fancy looking knickknacks. On the same token, don’t stretch your budget on expensive finds that really don’t mean much to you. Don’t let yourself be frivolously influenced by TV or collecting passions of an acquaintance, find what speaks to you. Keep it to a few beautiful pieces that you truly love, that have meaning. Carefully displayed, they can be so inspiring. Minimizing random trinkets that are typically dispersed throughout the home will do a world of good for the peace of the place.

7. Color Your World

Have you ever had the rooms of your home painted? Pay attention to the color schemes of each. Are there some colors that potentially agitate you, although until now you’ve been naïve to the effects? Shades of red can cause anxiety, whereas yellow is considered an irritant. Pastel shades of blue, pink and green, however, are known to calm the spirit and relax the body. Colors from this palette will serve you best.greenwalls - 9 Paths for Creating Peace at Home

8. Clear the Way

Just as de-cluttering surfaces is important, so too is keeping the floors clear. When your floors are clean and free of debris it’s a reflection of life. You want it streamlined with little to no obstacles getting in your way. In helps you stay focused on the here, now and what you need to do. Also, a clean clear floor creates a more pleasant atmosphere that also contributes to the interior air quality.

9. Fresh Air

To further elaborate, clean air is important for optimal health. Clean the house regularly and vacuum the floors so that you may contribute to an environment as free from dust as can be. When possible, open the windows and let the fresh air penetrate and fill your home, defeating any musty or stale areas. It’s another profound facet of creating a Zen environment that will enable you to focus on the positive and experience the inner peace that many of find so sadly elusive.