How to turn your walk-in closet into a swanky dressing room

Sure, it’s already a bit of a luxury to be lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. But are you really making the most of it? What if you were to turn it into a glamorous dressing room the likes of which would make Lady Gaga blush? Okay, that’s a stretch – maybe we could design something for her dog, but your average friend is not likely privy to the type of luxury that is actually possible.

First, we need to maximize the space for proper storage. Once that is successfully established, it’s all in the styling – creating a room that is welcoming and somewhat intimidating at the same time. After you’ve implemented these easy tips, you’ll think you’re in a hi-end boutique… or the crash-pad of a pre-diva Katy Perry… or, more realistically, a really cool and elaborate version of your once plain closet…

1. Establish Seating

You’re probably wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before – OF COURSE you need seating in your walk-in closet! Duh! Now you may sit comfortably while putting on tights and trying on a variety of shoes until you find just the right pair for that time of day! Choose a small round button tufted Ottoman as your seating source and you will be changing in class!otto - 5 Ways to Walk into Glamour

2. Sort Items by Type

You may group your entire shoe collection together by pairs, perhaps even alternate toe in/toe out for easy separation. Displaying shoes and purses together provides a semblance of a classy European shop. You may even decide to sort everything by color. For instance, you can stack shades of pink – on the shelf, your head ware, from ski-caps to fedoras. Directly below hang blouses, jackets and bottoms just above your assortment of like-colored shoes neatly assembled on the floor… It’s practical, fun, and gosh darn it, it makes sense!

3. Chandelier, anyone?

Make Liberace proud and select your own gaudy yet glamorous chandelier. Do a little research and find the right fit for your closet. No, seriously, those things are huge. There are so many types to choose from but you can’t go wrong with the Old Hollywood elegance of vintage midcentury Regency with hanging crystals and gold light fixtures, guaranteed to give the space a magnificence it’s never known before.chand closet - 5 Ways to Walk into Glamour

4. Add a Rug

Another great accessory to consider will encourage the theme of luxury along with the sense of pure comfort it implies. Your eccentric barefooted friends will appreciate the lush feeling of an exotic rug beneath their toes. It’s a pleasant surface to walk on and you can be as wild as you want with the type you choose. It’s perfect for adding extreme color and texture. When done right, it can perfectly complement the existing themes and tie it all together into a single cohesive and tasteful motif.walkinnnn - 5 Ways to Walk into Glamour

5. Set Freak Flag for “Fly”

It’s your space so you need to feel free to incorporate all the elements that represent what make you special. Love Nirvana? A Kurt Cobain portrait would be an ideal wall adornment. Maybe there are some amazing quirky thrift store finds that would fit perfect in one area or another. Find some cool antiques? You know what to do! You could even saturate the entire closet in layers of red. Of course, you’ll want to get velvet hangers. Everywhere you turn will be a reminder that this is special, that getting ready for work, dressing for a date or changing into something more comfortable will never be the same again. When it comes to creating a dressing room in your home, it’s all you!

If you simply don’t have the space for a large walk-in closet, a good alternative is building some extra storage space under your bunk beds.