Making Space

attic storage - Storage Solutions: How to make the most of even your most meager free space

You’ll be surprised by the variety of ways you can create additional areas of storage! Even the most small and odd spaces may be utilized. For example, you can get creative with installing pegboard on the walls for extra storage. Hopefully, we will help you implement a wealth of fresh ideas to what you typically associate with storage! Soon, you should be able to get the most out of every inch of free space!

One room in particular that usually features an abundance of irregular and oft-neglected space is the attic. Many families convert their attics into fully functional rooms. By working with the unusually angled proportions inherent to the attic, you will notice various nooks and crannies upon which you may add a variety of shelves, drawers and cabinets! Let no space be untouched!

Storage Space Under Stairs Ideas in Basement 300x300 - Storage Solutions: How to make the most of even your most meager free space

If you really want to make a majestic effort, you can literally turn each step of a staircase into a pull-out drawer! If that’s a bit much, converting just a few at the bottom may be more practical. In fact, with a little skill, the first three steps can be removed and replaced with drawers with an ease that may be surprising.

The storage potential of the staircase doesn’t end there. Instead of letting a sheet of drywall limit your options, why not make use of the area under the stairs? This will allow you to be especially creative. Be aware, however, this concept may not be compatible with some standard designs, but when it is, you can install pull-out drawers, cubby holes, and even closets enclosed by hinged doors.

bathroom storage - Storage Solutions: How to make the most of even your most meager free space

And are you aware of the neglected space in your bathroom? The head of bathtubs typically extend from the wall, starting anywhere between six inches and a foot out. This provides the perfect placement opportunity for a tall, wide, yet lean cabinet. For maximum potential, you may choose a shelving unit that slides out. This construct appears to be nothing more than a wall when concealed! Neat, huh? Sizes may vary, and in the case of a remodel, you are free to create ‘dead space’ with the intent of converting it for this purpose.

closet wall - Storage Solutions: How to make the most of even your most meager free space

You may find yourself in a situation where creating extra space is mandatory, especially if you have kids. Say you have two to a room, what is the most obvious method of maximizing the areas capacity? Hint – it has been extremely popular with children for decades. You got it – bunk beds! Despite having two beds, you can work with a space that is inhibited by the length and width of one.  The bunk beds can be designed to include storage at the base. In fact, many ready-to-assemble bunk beds come complete with roomy pull-out drawers below the lower mattress.

Have you considered sitting on your stuff? That may sound funny, but if you have bay windows, you may consider modifying them to feature a long seating area, below which would be left hollow as to accommodate room for assorted belongings.

Your cabinets likely already provide plenty of room. But what if you were to compartmentalize them? Specific size shelves and drawers could be installed, made to fit like-sized personal belongings. It is this type of personal customization that so efficiently minimizes clutter.

You may further elaborate upon the aforementioned concept by turning a closet wall into large cabinets that are designed to accommodate particular items such as a chair that fits under a built–in desk, or shelving that supports large volumes of books…all conveniently concealed when the doors are closed.

Have these ideas inspired you to think of your own home storage innovations? The room is there, the trick is to identify it and put it to best use. Practicality and imagination are your tools; the results are up to you.