Cleaning Your Walls

It’s starting to get noticeable, the dirty walls that you previously thought you only imagined are in fact getting dirty. Darkness forms around the light switches and kitchen accessories, and in the man cave where guests smoke. White walls, in particular, are prone to show gray shades, smudges and dust build-up. Don’t fret, it’s not going to take much to catch it before it’s out of hand, or to keep it in check thereafter. In fact, you could easily get away with cleaning the walls as part of your yearly housecleaning activities, and doing one wall at a time makes it easy-peasy.

There are two easy-to-make-at-home cleansers you can use. The first is quite simple, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and sugar soap. The other is a traditional favorite that is simply three parts water to one part vinegar. Either solution will do the job satisfactorily. Upon applying to the wall, be certain that the solution is not too soap-heavy. The residue can dry while attracting dust, causing it to be more difficult to remove.suga 300x300 - Short and Sweet Household Tips: Cleaning Your Walls

A very sophisticated tool is required to continue – a clean sock. Insert your hand within and you will see that you now have full control of the cotton mitt. Of course, a cloth will suffice, but a sock really does make the job easier. Starting at one top corner, spray the mixture onto the wall with one hand and instantly wipe down with the other sock-hand, working from side to side. Stop any drips that escape and move your way down. It’s a quick and effective procedure that visibly clears away the - Short and Sweet Household Tips: Cleaning Your Walls

If you come across any odd sticky areas or small stains that don’t want to say goodbye, try applying a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a clean dry cloth and rub the offending matter away. This may work for grease as well, but a more sure-fire solution that won’t harm the paint is the addition of lemon juice to your standard mixture. Apply and buff out the grease.baking - Short and Sweet Household Tips: Cleaning Your Walls

For the super-tough stain, stir a quarter cup baking soda in with a tablespoon of water, forming a paste. Applying pressure, rub the mixture in and let dry. Rinse off by spraying the solution from your spray bottle and you should be good to go!

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